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Vertical platform lift Eco Vimec E10

The  Minilift Disabled  Ecovimec  ,  ideal to break down the barriers (we speak of stairs, steps, raised floors), is the flagship production  Vimec   :  electric (unmatched technology in the market), ecological (it does not use hydraulic oil and has a low consumption) and can be installed without problems in the home, apartment building, shop or office. Ecovimec  home  lift   it is also suitable for any type of room renovation and for the redesign of spaces in the house or inside the building.  In addition, the technical solutions adopted are unparalleled on the market (for example the absence of counterweight, which gives more space available, the increased capacity, which allows the system to be loaded with very heavy weights, reduced consumption, to save on the bill.

For the individual transport of small commodities. Our dumbwaiter solves your transport task rationally, conveniently and safely. All our lifts require only little space and are easy to install. Needless to say, they fully comply with the relevant international elevator standards.

Copes with any staircase The stairlift  V59  neatly fits into almost any staircase, is quick to assemble, easy to handle, and whisper-quiet. You may choose to have your stairlift built into a straight or a winding stairway, adjusted to your needs. By mounting to the wall, servelift comfort will not harm your stairs! Even stairlifts across several storeys are possible. By using weather-proof material, even outdoor stairlifts can be constructed. Our stairlifts are individually adjusted to your home, offering a wide range of seat covers and colours.
Stairclimber T09 Roby

Go over the steps of a ladder to ensure the movement of the person in a wheelchair or wheelchair.  The use is with a companion, no fixed installations are required. T09 Roby is safe and easy to use.  The attendant hooks the wheelchair to the stairlift and always guides its control, thanks to cutting-edge technology tailored to the person. T10 Scalacombi  is the  mobile  stairlift  with wheels  , ideal for narrow stairs, practical and dedicated to people who have difficulty  climbing  stairs.  Its use is with a companion, no fixed installations are required.  It disassembles easily and quickly for storage or loading in the trunk.
V 65 - V64 - V6 S - Vimec S.r.l.- stairlifts

The  stairlift  with platform   V64  Vimec  ,  straight driving, guaranteeing accessibility for public and private structures, is a solution increasingly being sought from the private disability because, together with the proven reliability and security, has reduced dimensions and is practical to use.    The  stairlift  with platform   V65  Vimec ,  has a stairlift with platform Curved ideal exceed more flights of stairs It adapts perfectly to both indoor and outdoor environments, is solid and safe, has small dimensions, and is simple to use. Installation is really quick: in just a few hours the Vimec stairlifts are ready to be used.
Vimec vertical lift S11+

Up to 2.99 meters in altitude, the brand new S11+ (an evolution of the S10) guarantees vertical lifting for every need, both for the family and the home, and for the disabled person in a wheelchair. Capacity: up to 400 Kg Travel: 2 stops / 2,990 mm Traction: with electric motor and worm screw Speed 0.05 m / sec (Versions 1.100, 1.600, 2.100 Motor and power supply Power 2.2 Kw;  single-phase for versions 1.100, 1.600, 2.100 and three-phase for versions 2.600 and 2.990; Line voltage: 230V ± 5%, AC - 50Hz single phase; Auxiliary power supply voltage: 24V DC; Motor power supply with inverter (optional for versions 1.100, 1.600, 2.100)
Vertical platform SIGMA

Numerous well-designed details make the vertical platform lift  Sigma  the perfect mobility solution for the private and public sector. Main advantages: Compact design with slim drive tower for lifting heights up to 3000 mm Drive by double chain for smooth operation Aluminium components guarantee corrosion protection and low weight Audio feedback for intuitive operation Radio external control (either on pillars or portable) Integrated access ramp Ergonomically shaped control on the platform  Coating in any RAL colour possible (standard: RAL 9022) Integrated emergency power supply
Vertical platform lift TL500

TL 500  Platform Lift provides a practical solution to the challenge of vertical lift travels up to  500mm . It provides a safe and easy way to gain access to a property where stairs would otherwise prevent wheelchair access, both into the home and public or commercial buildings. Quick installation  –  Minimal building work. With a weight of  51 kg , only one installer is needed to perform the installation. Supplied with an integral ramp. A giant benefit of the  Tl 500  is how simple it is. With a design inspired by scissor lifts, it only travels a short distance, but does so reliably and effectively. Far easier to use than a ramp, and a better option when space is limited, the  TL 500  can be installed indoors or outdoors, making it perfectly suited to front door steps.