Advanced manufacturing and autonomy technology!

The TopChair-S electric wheelchair promises absolute freedom in the every-day transportation of people with disabilities or serious kinetic problems, without the need for an escort.

Compared to other electric wheelchairs in the market, the TopChair-S stands out because of:

  • Freedom of move without the need for an escort
  • Autonomous seat inclination setting during operation (-3° - 30°)
  • Maximum safety and comfort. The user is maintained at a horizontal position no matter the stair or terrain inclination.
  • Ability to climb or descent straight stairs of a maximum inclination of 33 ° & stair height of up to 20 cm
  • Ability to seamlessly move on any type of terrain

Topchair-S allows you to be mobile, especially in urban areas, by making previously inaccessible areas accessible without any outside assistance.

This electric wheelchair is equipped with tracks that can climb straight staircasespavements or doorsteps in total safety. It has the following features:

Control of the staircase pitch

The seat remains permanently horizontal

Limited maximum speed

Wheelchair alignment correction in line with the staircase axis

Automatic detection of the start and end of the stairs

Dynamic display messages with visualisation of operations

Straight staircases (in wood, metal, cement...) with steps up to 20cm in height

Maximum pitch up to 33° (65%)

300 step autonomy